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    Our Antistatic Vacuum Tubing eliminates the risk of electrostatic discharge from vacuum lines. Our cleanroom components offer inventive ways to microclean at every workstation.

    We offer Antistatic Vacuum Tubing, various air valves, an assortment of stainless steel suction tips, titanium suction tips, plastic suction tips, spiral flex vacuum tubing, protective coatings for our stainless steel suction tips, valve holders, a small particle vacuum wand with antistatic coated silicone tips and fiberoptic light source and fiberoptic instruments.

    Our patented Antistatic Vacuum Tubing and Accessories System is compatible with any central cleaning vacuum system and conventional tubing fittings. It will completely remove dirt, dust and statically charged particulates from the area.

  • Developed for the Aerospace Industry
  • Designed for Cleanroom Environments & Workstations
  • Recommended for Optic, Laser and Microchip production
  • Eliminates static hazards associated with conventional vacuum tubing
  • Elimates major manufacturing losses with a minor investment
  • Compatible with any central vacuum system
  • Needs no grounding
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