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      Controlling ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) is a high priority and major challenge in the manufacture of many products on the market today. Static related damage costs many industries billions of dollars a year.  It is believed that up to 25% of all component failures can be attributed directly to ESD.

Our Antistatic Vacuum Tubing helps control ESD problems naturally inherent in vacuum lines. Our cleanroom components and fittings offer inventive ways to microclean at every workstation.

We offer 11 sizes of Antistatic Vacuum Tubing, various Air Valves and Holders, an assortment of Stainless Steel and Titanium Suction Tips, Plastic Suction Tips, Protective Coatings for our metal suction tips, Small Particle Vacuum Wands with Antistatic Coated Silicone Tips, Fiberoptic Light Sources and Fiberoptic Instruments.

The products we offer are used in the Aerospace Industry, Microchip and Semiconductor Industry, the Optics Industry, Electronics Industry, Life Science Industry, Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry and many other industries concerned with contamination control.
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